Mr. Beaman author and founder of numerous successful ventures. Is a hardworking dedicated individual driven to make a difference. Starting the non-profit The McGraw Council, he has set off with one goal in mind. To save and continue the American Dream. Giving small businesses and individuals a place to gather and get the tools, resources, and network they need to make their dreams a reality.



Noah is a passionate young individual who aspires to help others. Having started multiple companies by his early 20's (one of which in order to pay his way through college) he knows what its like to be an entrepreneur in today's world. Dedicating his time, talent, and treasures he is truly a valued member of The McGraw Council. He makes sure that everything is up to par and that The McGraw Council stays cutting edge so we can provide our members with the best experience possible.

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Jim is a dedicated individual and a lover of new things. As the head of an executive recruiting firm he is able to know and see first hand want changes are happening in the market. With that said, he is constantly focused on how we can improve ourselves. Making sure The McGraw Council is the best it can be. That way we can continue to help the small business community prosper.

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